A Taste of QC: Exploring Local Cuisine Around Privato Quezon City

Embarking on a staycation is not just about indulging in the comforts of a luxurious hotel room or exploring the sights and sounds of a new city. It is also a gastronomic journey, an opportunity to savor new flavors and discover local culinary gems. In fact, one could argue that finding out where to eat in Tomas Morato is as much a part of your staycation in QC as choosing the right hotel.

Thanks to its location, Privato Quezon City offers more than just a comfortable stay. It also serves as a gateway to a culinary adventure that will take you around some of the best restaurants near Privato QC. Here are five establishments that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Tablo Kitchen x Cafe

Tucked away from the bustling city streets, Tablo Kitchen x Cafe is an oasis of calm and comfort. The restaurant’s interior is charmingly rustic, with wooden furniture, potted plants, and warm lighting creating an inviting ambiance.

Aside from its cozy atmosphere, Tablo is known for its extensive menu of comfort food. Their homemade pasta dishes, lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients, are hearty and satisfying. For coffee lovers, their artisanal brews are a must-try. While reservations aren’t typically required, it’s recommended for larger groups to ensure a smooth dining experience.

2. Half Saints

Half Saints is a culinary haven that offers a unique fusion of Filipino and international flavors1. The restaurant’s modern interior is a blend of sleek lines and chic decor, providing a stylish backdrop for your meal.

Their menu is innovative, featuring familiar favorites given a fresh twist. The Truffle Mushroom Risotto is a creamy delight while the Salted Egg Chicken Wings offer a balance of savory and sweet flavors. Given its popularity, making a reservation is advised.

3. Ombu Kusina

Ombu Kusina is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines. The restaurant’s sleek and modern design contrasts beautifully with its menu of traditional Filipino dishes reimagined for the contemporary palate.

Their Sisig Pizza is a crowd favorite, combining the crunch of thin crust pizza with the savory flavors of sisig. The Seafood Paella, brimming with fresh seafood, is a feast for the senses. Reservations are accepted here, especially for larger parties.

4. La Spezia MNL

A taste of Italy in the heart of Tomas Morato, La Spezia MNL is an Italian restaurant that prides itself on its authentic dishes. The warm and welcoming environment, with its wooden accents and soft lighting, sets the stage for a delightful dining experience.

The Osso Buco, slow-cooked to perfection, is tender and flavorful, making it a true must-try. For dessert, order their Tiramisu, a creamy and rich delight with just the right hint of coffee.They accept reservations, especially for their dinner service which can get busy.

5. Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant

Stepping into Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant is like stepping back in time2. The restaurant is set in a vintage Filipino house, complete with capiz shell windows and antique furniture. Their menu features traditional Filipino dishes, prepared the old-fashioned way.

The Kare-Kare, a rich stew of meat and vegetables in peanut sauce, is a standout. The Lechon Kawali, crispy pork belly served with liver sauce, is another favorite. Reservations are accepted and recommended, especially for weekend dining.

If you find yourself wanting to try something new during your next staycation in Privato QC, don’t forget to hit up any of the restaurants above. Your taste buds will definitely thank you.

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